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About animation in games...

Recently I received a feedback for one of the reels posted. Perhaps, it was not referred directly to my reel, but to all game animations in general. It was qiute interesting and I decided to write an article ...

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Would you rather spend the weekend camping in the woods or at a luxury hotel? Why?
In the woods, because I love nature so much.

We made a lot of character animation for a large series of level premonitory cut-scenes in Rise of the Flight 1917 game.Read more...Collapse )

  I'd like to demonstrate creation of an Ork character for a fantasy adventure game (Developer: 1C: Ino-Co /Publisher: Paradox Interactive ).

We get a sketch and start modelling. This is a real-time strategy game and all the in-game action and cut-scenes are played real-time. So the number of polygons is limited as well as texture size. As soon as the model is ready and approved, I go on to texture painting. Sometimes basic feature are only depicted on the sketch - body color, principal cloths, some details. So I have to think of appropriate skin and textil facture, draw the muscles (in proper places, which is extremely important), add some folds, perhaps patterns or other decoration.

Last step is to animate the character. By the way, modeller has to know were to cut the mesh in the right places for the joints to rotate comfortably. Animator completes image of the personage by creating animation corresponding to his or her nature.

Here is the Ork:



You can download a better quality avi (12,5MB) from this page:
(c) Puppeeteers.com

Meet The Black Puppets!

Here is a short animation film The Black Puppets.
Meet Chip the Puppet starring as a black metal guitarist.

In fact, Chip is a plain wooden puppet. Here we show that it's qiute simple to make a puppet perform whatever the puppeeteer would like him to. Just change his make-up a bit, put on some appropriate clothes, use some props and - voila!

Here you can download a better quality avi file: http://www.puppeeteers.com/gallery/animations/001/index.html

(С) www.puppeeteers.com
Created by Alexey Kovalsky

A Horse and A Butterfly

I spent a lot of time creating this short scene. And here it goes - A Horse and A Butterfly! He (the Horse) can walk, sing songs (or better hum...) yes, it's him who hums in the film, he even moves his lips, if watched closely ;) and he admires a butterfly, which tickles his ears.
We also played our djembe drums to make a little soundtrack to this cartoon.

Hope, you like it.
And here you can download a better quality avi file (4MB): http://www.puppeeteers.com/gallery/animations/002/index.html

Created by Anna O'Key
(c) Puppeeteers Animation Team www.puppeeteers.com